About me

Name :Lam Tung Ngok (Danny)

Gender :Male

Date of Birth :August 1st

Current Address :Hong Kong

Skill :Drawing, Design, creating extremely idea

Activities :Anythings that make fun!

Interests :Creating things, Drawing things, Write things, Learn things…

Favorite Quotes:

夢想:人類進步的動力和來源, 無了它人們都發明不到那麼多好東西, 沒有了它人們只會退步下來.錢: 是現今社會所有人所追求的東西, 它雖然是一種另社會變得方便的東西, 它亦是人類進步的證明, 不過它亦是一種害人不淺的東西. 雖然社會不停地進步, 但社會中的人好像有點退步下來! 因為人們只為錢看...更有些人說 "有錢有夢想" 這樣說對嗎? 點解錢和夢想會是相等? [東岳 07年 6月1日]

The Dream:

Origin and power that make humanity future, without that people can't invent so much better things out and make our life better and better. So if it doesn't exist in our heart, we will only go degeneracy.


Everyone pursue that in their entire life time, even though its convenient our life and reduce some unnecessary controversy form our life, however it's also a worst thing in our life. In nowadays, our human society is in great progress, but living in that society, humanity is keeping regress because of people only think about money in today society. Even more some people saying that "money make dream!" Is that saying correct? Are money and dream are in relative??