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me : Dannylam

"to try to perfect what I do for the joy of reaching greater knowledge and truth" Paul Cezanne. 

i am a creative thinker born in Hong Kong with desire to keep learning and unleash my creative thinking, i have worked successfully in related Design field since 2004. While I’m a child, my school major is Art, because of i really love to create and draw. After attented Visual Art and News Media Design from College in Canada, i get into graphic design field.


Over these years working experience of Design, I have been strongly trained in Design Skill and well understanding Print Production Knowledge, also some photo retouching skill. And i have experience on many different kind of project / campaign with many different kind of brand / field.


In spare time i love to create different character to representing some of my though, mostly is about some situation on earth, some personal thinking about the sociality. And sometime will create some short story.


Scroll down to check out some of my work.